MH DIPAC Is a family business and was founded in 1997 with the aim of manufacturing and developing new packaging models aimed primarily at the food market. The system used is plastic injection and our specialty is the thin-walled container and tamper-proof closure.

Since its foundation, MH DIPAC has grown rapidly, due to the flexibility and dynamics that characterize it. Today we are a recognized firm in the Spanish market and with an increasing presence in Europe.

Our range of containers range from safety closures or tamper-proof closures, as well as heat sealing containers in automatic machines, containers with hinged lid and so-called single use containers, each of these models fulfilling their optimal packaging function and Always adjusting to the needs of the client.



Our team is made up of experienced professionals, qualified and committed to the work they perform. Together with our distributors in strategic locations in Spain and part of Europe, together with the transport companies that provide us with their services, we form a group capable of providing them with the requested packaging in the expected delivery times.



Our goal is to respond immediately to all the needs raised by our clients. The terms “best service” and “competitiveness” derive from our understanding of quality and reliability.



We manufacture standard food containers, with capacities from 70cc to 1500cc, with the possibility of further expanding our range according to the needs of the market.
The flexibility of our service in the manufacture of plastic containers allows us to respond to the demands of our customers, thanks to the instruments of production, constantly adapted by our highly qualified technical teams.